Every year 15,700 parents hear the words “your child has cancer”, Our family was on the receiving end of this news when 2 year old Ryleigh was diagnosed with high-risk ALL leukemia in 2012. We all watched as this vibrant blonde headed 2 year old girl ran laps around a hospital room as her new team of doctors came in and said these chilling words to our family. While that particular moment is forever ingrained in our heads, it was just the beginning of year’s long battle that our family would face. Through our journey, the whole family was shocked to see the lack of effective treatments for pediatric cancers because of poor funding. Ryleigh was one of the lucky ones and is now a cancer survivor. Our family lives every day with the knowledge that a lot of survivors suffer long-term late effects from their toxic cancer treatments. Instead of asking the question "Why me?" we decided to ask the question. " Why not me?" and created Beat Kid's Cancer with the goal to raise money to fund the research necessary to raise the survival rate to 100% and provide better treatment options that have no long-term late effects. We also want to help financially support local families battling cancer because we know first-hand the financial burden that this long battle can bring. 



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